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Basic conditions that our clients must know:
1) Orders for deliveries received on our website or also directly or on any of the on-line platforms in which we participate, are made with the same recipes and the same quality treatment as those offered in the restaurant, but for Dispatch reasons, delivery times and packaging conditions may occasionally show some different alteration at the time of being consumed.

2) The requested terms of cooking of meats, poultry and fish can sometimes be altered at the time of being consumed by the time of transfer in their individual container.

3) Our dishes and side dishes contain the basic products of typical Rio de la Plata and Mediterranean cuisine in general. If for any dietary reason you wish to inquire or eventually not include a product, we suggest you consign it in the order or call the restaurant before the order is prepared.

4) If upon receiving your order you notice any lack or modification of what was requested, we suggest you call the restaurant as soon as possible to solve the eventuality.

5) We do not accept returns or requests for refunds for products or food that customers simply do not like. However, we would like you to let us know your concern in order to guarantee the best customer satisfaction.

6) Upon receiving the order request and it is confirmed by our restaurant, its processing and elaboration begins, for which cancellations, money refunds, credit refunds or product compensation are not accepted under any aspect.

7) As a customer satisfaction policy, it can be granted as a means of compensation in the event of an eventuality "courtesy meal" at no charge. The decision to grant a "courtesy meal" is the sole responsibility of the Restaurant Management, who will evaluate it in each case without constituting an obligation or having other implications.

8) Faced with the possibility of abuse or reiteration of demands for return and reimbursement by a client, we will unfortunately have the right not to continue providing services
without any additional explanation or clarification.

9) To make a request for an order extension, we suggest informing the restaurant immediately to coordinate its addition, prove your payment method and incorporate it into the original delivery or delivery.

10) Orders via delivery will have an operational delivery charge that will be paid by the customer, the amount of which will appear in the order form. Deliveries may be made by personnel designated by the restaurant, employees or eventuals and / or by third-party companies specialized in home delivery services.

11) We suggest to record the delivery details with as much information as possible to speed up delivery and avoid delays. If possible, we request to have telephone contact at the time of delivery for any eventuality.

12) In the withdrawal orders in the restaurant no delivery charge will be applied.

13) All currency is displayed in USD.

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